At least 78 civilians in Afghanistan have been killed this month by forces fighting in our name

Posted: July 27, 2008 in Uncategorized
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From The Washington Post:

U.S. and NATO military officials in Afghanistan have launched investigations into three separate U.S.-led airstrikes that Afghan officials say killed at least 78 civilians this month.

More collateral damage from our obsession with violence as a way to solve our problems. If the 151 million of us Christians in the U.S. were living our faith, there’s no way policies that lead to state-backed violence could persist.

NATO protocols require high-level approval for airstrikes when civilians are known to be in or near Taliban targets. Military officials say fighters with the insurgent group commonly take up positions in civilians’ homes, mosques or schools — increasing the chances of civilian casualties. Those casualties, in turn, help the Taliban win the sympathies of locals and draw new recruits.

More terrorists being born as we ignore Christ’s commands to love our enemies and return good for evil.

Just as awful is the fact that we do not count the dead among enemy combatants on the battlefield. Not only do we not love our enemies, we can’t even be bothered to acknowledge their humanity.

This makes me so sad.


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