Posted: August 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

The conflict between Russia and Georgia escalated further today. The New York Times has a good front-page story that dissects the situation. This pretty much sums it up [emphasis mine]:

Shota Utiashvili, an official of the Georgian Interior Ministry … said: “We need large supplies of humanitarian aid, because we have thousands of wounded. And weapons. We need weapons.”

No, you don’t. The only way out of this for Georgia is a nonviolent solution, and Russia is playing with fire, betting on the U.S. (Georgia’s ally) being too tied up with Iraq and Afghanistan to do anything, but not reckoning with just how trigger-happy the folks in the White House can be. There are other responses the U.S. can make militarily, and all of them lead to disaster for the Russians, no matter how much of a disaster they would also cause for the United States.

Christians involved in the fighting should, as a bloc, cease participation in this back-and-forth immediately,  inform their commanders that they will not fire their weapons, and face the consequences. At the same time, Christian leaders should state in no uncertain terms that the behavior of the parties involved is anti-Christian, admonish their congregants to withdraw their consent from this chain of events, and use their moral authority to pressure the Russians, the South Ossentians, the Georgians, and everyone else involved to end hostilities.

Michael Westmoreland-White shared his thoughts yesterday on his blog.

UPDATE: I cross-posted this on DailyKos, and it generated a moderate amount of discussion.

  1. Michael Westmoreland-White says:

    It’s ironic that Georgia, which recently had a nonviolent revolution to democracy (The Rose Revolution), in which evangelical Christians played a major role, should now have spokespersons asking for weapons.

  2. dcrowe says:

    I totally agree. By the way I borrowed this point over at DailyKos. You might stop by and check out the discussion…I think you could add a lot.

  3. Michael Westmoreland-White says:

    I never post at DailyKos and try not to read there–it brings out the worst “leftwing zealot” tendencies in me. It is a good site for organizing progressives, I guess, but not in my case. It is not good for my soul. It tempts me to become a mirror image of the Right.

  4. dcrowe says:

    I treat it like practice for future promotional appearances for a book on Christian nonviolence I’m hawking to publishers…audience is hostile to nonviolence AND hostile to Christianity. Pretty much your mainstream media interview. 🙂

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