A Note to the Next U.S. President (and Those a Heartbeat Away): The Messiah Job Opening Has Been Filled

Posted: September 9, 2008 in Uncategorized
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…and it’s not:

1) You, or you; or

2) The United States of America. If you are going to run around grasping for the “Christian” mantle, please stop referring to the USA as “the greatest force for good in the world (click the link and then click “Trailer”),” or the “last, best hope of Earth.” Kids, that’s called Americanism, not Christianity.

Here’s an example (via Halden over at Inhabitatio Dei) of what I’m talking about – from Senator McCain:

My country saved me, and I cannot forget it. And I will fight for her for as long as I draw breath, so help me God. . . . I’m going to fight to make sure every American has every reason to thank God, as I thank him, that I’m an American, a proud citizen of the greatest country on Earth.”

Your country saved you? From what? Suffering? Nope – you were a veteran in a P.O.W. camp, certainly suffering at the time. Death? Don’t we Christians already have assurances regarding salvation from even death? What does being “the greatest country on Earth” mean in the context of a Kingdom where the “first shall be last, and the last shall be first?” This is definately religious, but not in the slightest way Christian.

Further, there is nothing of the God revealed in Jesus Christ in warfare. Please stop referring to “sacred obligations” to provide our troops defensive and offensive tools to help them kill people. Please also stop letting your people talk about the Iraq war as a “task that is from God.”

Father George Zabelka:

“Today the world is on the brink of ruin because the church refuses to be the church, because we Christians have been deceiving ourselves and the non-Christian world about the truth of Christ. There is no way to follow Christ, to love as Christ loved, and simultaneously to kill other people. It is a lie to say that the spirit that moves the trigger of a flamethrower is the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. It is a lie to say that learning to kill is learning to be Christ-like. It is a lie to say that learning to drive a bayonet into the heart of another is motivated from having put on the mind of Christ. Militarized Christianity is a lie. It is radically out of conformity with the teaching, life and spirit of Jesus.”

Cut it out, please.


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