Horse Race Roundup

Posted: October 6, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Lots of Dead People Could Change the Dynamic!  ZOMG!

Can it just be over already?  Seriously, what a thought:

John McCain needs a game-changer to win the U.S. presidential election. He’s not going to provide it himself, and Barack Obama won’t give it to him.

The Arizona Republican’s best chance for a turnaround is a national security crisis over the next four weeks that somehow persuades swing voters that his experience and credentials are essential…

— Pakistan’s new government is toppled. Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, with supportive elements in Pakistani intelligence and the military, get a stronger foothold in the nuclear-armed nation.

— India, which already accuses Pakistan of complicity with terrorist attacks on the country, launches a cross-border attack on its longtime enemy. The Afghanistan regime of Hamid Karzai becomes even shakier. Chaos reigns in one of the most dangerous places on the planet.

— The Israelis, using new intelligence that Iran’s nuclear program is more developed than expected, make preemptive strikes against some of those facilities. A weak American president is unable, or unwilling, to stop it.

America at War

The Iranians are convinced this is an American-Israeli plot. Using their Hezbollah allies, they plot asymmetrical retaliations against the U.S. anywhere they see an advantage. America is at war with Sunnis and Shiites.

— Terrorists strike at the U.S. Eight years after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, al-Qaeda struck on 9/11. These diabolical minds could figure that after the financial crisis, another attack would be devastating psychologically.

The horse race mentality of presidential elections disturbs me to no end. We’re not above reducing catastrophic events that cost human lives down to factors affecting our contest-of-the-minute.

Change = Finally Doing What We’ve Been Doing

John McCain’s new ad seems to indicate that he wants you to think that Obama is anti-military, wants you to discount the murder of non-combatants, and then worry only about the safety of U.S. troops. For the record, Obama is pro-militarism in many respects (which causes my discomfort with him), wants an escalation in Afghanistan that would result in many more non-combatant murders, and does care about the safety of U.S. troops. McCain also makes a ridiculous misstep in the “change” narrative, seeming to promise a “change” from…having to hear Obama talk and having to tolerate Congressional votes that fail to change the status quo. Apparently, the “Change” that “Is Coming” means finally doing what we’ve been doing, without the (weak) dissent.

  1. Stuperb says:

    I couldn’t agree with this post more – up to and including your discomfort with Obama because he’s not all that anti-war (and his stance on Pakistan is a bit frightening).

    I feel, like you, that an October Surprise is looming. Lots of the scenarios you listed would take a while to develop, with the exception of an Israel attack on Iran. I feel (hope) that McCain is running out of time, and I think the attacks of the last 3 days indicate this.

    Excellent post!

  2. dcrowe says:

    The 2-minute warning has definitely sounded…the only question is: will Obama peak too soon? I think not, but you never know. McCain is not helping himself. I think the key gamble of the last quarter of the race was the nonsense with “suspending his campaign”, and it backfired. No time for real game changers other than those listed above…heaven help us.

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