Blatant Self-Promotion

Posted: November 10, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I just posted on BraveNewFilms regarding the costs of an escalation in Afghanistan.  Check it out.

UPDATE: Part two of my “No Afghanistan Escalation” series is up on BraveNewFilms.  Have a look.

UPDATE II:  We’re on the front page of AlterNet and BraveNewFilms!  Weeeeeee!

Also, I finally put up a bio about myself on the About page.

  1. Stuperb says:


    (And, I can’t believe you’re in Austin, too.)

  2. dcrowe says:

    Thanks, Stuperb! Sorry I never got around to blogging about that crazy link you sent my way…it was definately worth it; I just lacked the time.

    Hey cool – my wife and I are relatively new in town. We love Austin.

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