Nonviolence Facilitator Training!

Posted: November 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

Last night I signed up for the Kirkridge Center’s Creating a Culture of Peace Facilitator’s Training, to be held the first week in December.

Jumpstart your peacemaking and group facilitation skills and join a national network of certified CCP facilitators. This course increases your ability to use popular education’s interactive and mutual learning techniques.  You will practice presenting the five CCP modules and receive constructive feedback. You will learn to design safe and spiritual environments and to maximize participation. You will explore group dynamics, story telling, role plays, learning styles, and the secret to excellent group exercises.  If you are committed to the principles of active nonviolence, enjoy small group facilitation, and want to offer engaging and spiritually-grounded CCP training for intergenerational groups and communities, this training is for you. You will empower yourself and prepare to help others recognize their power for peacemaking.

It’s $445 total…want to come with?


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