Posted: December 24, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I intended to leave the Christmas post at the top of the page, but I ran across something today on washingtonpost.com that I thought needed mentioning.  A commenter wrote:

Certainly there are just reasons to kill people. If an enemy nation threatens U.S citizens or attacks this country, the U.S. must respond with force. American lives come first.

What a perfect picture of perverse nationalism. Would anyone dare to explain themselves to Christ with the excuse, “the lives of my people come first”?

Can anyone imagine the same Christ born in the shadow of the Empire’s census, during the cannibalization of his culture by the hegemon, accepting this excuse?

The good news of tonight’s celebration is not just that Christ was born, but that he lived, and he had something to say to us. It would be no bad thing to try to hear him.


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