Dear Wikipedia: Please post this list of all our nuclear weapons labs. Love, The Government

Posted: June 2, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Need a good reason to seek total nuclear disarmament? Here’s one: the systems set up to produce nuclear weapons and to guard them are incompetent.

Case in point:

  1. U.S. scientists recently forgot how to make an H-Bomb. Seriously we just forgot.
  2. The Air Force accidentally flew some live nukes over the U.S.
  3. But here’s the most recent and awesomely stupid episode:

The federal government mistakenly made public a 266-page report, its pages marked “highly confidential,” that gives detailed information about hundreds of the nation’s civilian nuclear sites and programs, including maps showing the precise locations of stockpiles of fuel for nuclear weapons.


“These screw-ups happen,”


UPDATE: Given the above, this seems like a great idea:

Adam Lowther, a research professor at the Air Force Research Institute at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., argues in the new issue of Armed Forces Journal that the Air Force should consider replacing its strategic bombers with a nuclear-armed drone, called the nuclear-dedicated unmanned combat aerial vehicle, or ND-UCAV. The ND-UCAV Lowther writes, could be based on the Navy’s X-47B (pictured), a carrier-capable drone that the Navy began funding a few years ago.

“The Air Force could take advantage of the more than $800 million previously invested in the Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems (J-UCAS) program and the $635 million currently dedicated to X-47B development and rapidly develop a ND-UCAV capable of penetrating defended air space with a small nuclear weapons payload,” Lowther writes.

What could possibly go wrong?

  1. Nathan says:

    If they lost the ability to make bombs, did they discover how to make plowshares out of the fissile material?

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