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Al Jazeera:

Taliban fighters in a tribal region bordering Afghanistan say they have pulled out of a peace deal with the Pakistan government…

“This accord is being scrapped because of Pakistan’s failure to stop the American drone attacks in North and South Waziristan,” Ahmadullah Ahmadi, a Taliban spokesman, told the Associated Press by telephone.

…The agreement in North Waziristan had appeared to keep things relatively peaceful there – calmer than in neighbouring South Waziristan, where the army is preparing for a major offensive against Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud.

Another casualty of the U.S.’s reliance on drones, which so far have killed more than “780 civilians and about 50 alleged terrorists.” Fifteen civilians for every one suspected legitimate target. Disgraceful.


Good Quote

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From a book review by Halden:

The global ambitions, both political and economic, which Bush awkwardly stumbled after through chicanery and military adventurism have a far more likely chance of being actualized under the rule of an intelligent, polished, and internationally embraced figure like President Obama. It may well be that in a post-Bush age, critiques of empire are of far more pressing necessity.

Halden blogs over at Inhabitatio Dei.