U.S. military casualties in Afghanistan since the launch of Operation Khanjar (July 2):

  • Hayes, John E., age 36
  • Hager, Roger G., age 20
  • Tate, Darren Ethan, age 21
  • Missman , Gregory James, age 36
  • Roy, Michael C., age 25
  • Missman, Gregory J., age 36
  • Talbert, Christopher, age 24
  • Garner, Mark A., age 30
  • Williams, Derwin, age 41
  • Hosford, Chester W., age 35
  • Chavers, Brock H., age 25
  • Johnson, Issac L., age 24
  • Gideon, Nicolas H. J., 20
  • Randolph, Tony Michael, age 22
  • Fairbairn, Aaron E., age 20
  • Casillas, Justin A., age 19
  • Sharp, Charles S., age 20

According to the National Priorities Project:

To date, $172.9 billion dollars have been allocated to the war in Afghanistan since 2001. In addition, we estimate that $24.4 billion dollars of the recent supplemental will be used to further fund the war in [Afghanistan] for a total of $197.3 billion dollars.

We will likely never know how many civilians died in Afghanistan as a result of the war. According to the Human Security Report Project’s Afghanistan Conflict Monitor, “[s]ystematic collection of civilian fatality data only began in 2007.” However:

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  2. You’re remiss in not reporting the allied casualties from this month, it has been bad for them, too. Interestingly, many of the casualties are coming from OTHER parts of Afghanistan, not the USMC operation. Also, 60% of them are coming from IEDs, not direct combat.

    • dcrowe says:

      Hi Wilsonrofishing:

      You are correct–the above only includes the U.S. casualties, and it has been bad for them, too. I’ll include them all in future posts. It’s certainly not an attempt to minimize the burden to other countries. Readers who check this thread in the meantime should click on the link at the top of the post for a full list.

      Your point is also valid about IEDs and casualties being spread out throughout the country. Two points on that: I’m using Operation Khanjar as a useful “starting point” for the count since it’s being billed as a major “turning point” in the conflict. And, since many international commanders are complaining that the operation is pushing Taliban out of Helmand and into areas of their responsibility, I’m reporting countrywide coalition casualties to keep people aware that what happens in Helmand may contribute to levels of violence elsewhere.

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