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We are moving into a new home this week, and I will be hard-pressed to find the time or the energy to blog. In the meantime, I’ll be posting links to stories on nonviolence, Christianity, and Afghanistan for your reading enjoyment while I’m otherwise occupied. Here’s the first:

If you haven’t yet heard the excellent NPR story about the mass grave in Afghanistan and the massacre of thousands of prisoners by General Dostum, who was a CIA asset at the time, please listen. I wrote about this story several months ago, but that was before it was clear that the U.S. government participated in a cover-up of the incident. Kudos to Physicians for Human Rights. Well done. Here’s a link to the media stories that certainly came about only because of their efforts.

If you were under any illusions about the nature of the regime we’re fighting for in Afghanistan, and if my post last week about how the Kabul regime treats women didn’t already convince you that the regime’s not worth another bullet or drop of blood on the part of the U.S., please do yourself a favor and listen to this story in full.