Meet Your Afghan Warlords, Part Two: Haji Mohammed Mohaqiq

Posted: August 21, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Haji Mohammed Mohaqiq (photo from RAWA)

Haji Mohammed Mohaqiq (photo from RAWA)

This is the second in a series of posts to help Americans get to know some of the most powerful figures in the Afghan government for whom our troops are killing and dying. Today we’ll meet a warlord’s warlord: the kind that engineers immunity for his and his fellow war criminals’ crimes against humanity.

Meet Haji Mohammed Mohaqiq.

Mohaqiq was one of the leaders of the notorious Hezb-e Wahdat, which in late 2001-early 2002 targeted Pashtun civilians for violence because of their ethnic ties to the Taliban. According to Human Rights Watch, Hezb-e Wahdat was “implicated in systematic and widespread looting and violence in almost every province under their…control, almost all of it directed at Pashtun villagers. In scores of villages, homes were destroyed, possessions were taken, and men and boys were beaten and in some cases killed.…[T]here were several reports of rapes of girls and women. In Chimtal district near Mazar-e Sharif, and in Balkh province generally, both Hizb-i Wahdat [alternative English rendering of Hezb-e Wahdat] and Jamiat forces were particularly violent: in one village, Bargah-e Afghani, Hizb-i Wahdat troops killed thirty-seven civilians,” which, as of 2003, was the largest known intentional killing of civilians since the fall of the Taliban.

Following the overthrow of the Taliban, Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq managed to get himself appointed as a vice chair of the interim government and as Minister of Planning. During the 2002 loya jirga that set the basic shape of the new government, Hezb-e Wahdat was named by Human Rights Watch as one of the groups that used threats and intimidation against other delegates. Through their use of these thuggish tactics, Mohaqiq’s militia helped corrupt a process which many hoped would lead to greater civilian control relative to the warlords, but which led instead to the warlords’ solidifying their power. Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq, of course, retained his positions of power.

Mohaqiq’s militia also became widely feared and loathed for their practice of kidnapping young girls, “forcibly marrying” them (what a useless euphemism for rape), and ransoming them back to their parents. They seemed to especially enjoy snatching girls who were on their way to school, leading many parents to keep their girls home rather than risk their abduction and rape.

But here’s the real kicker: once legtimized, Mohaqiq was one of the masterminds of the widely condemned legislation that granted warlords amnesty for their war crimes during the civil war. The UN sharply condemned the amnesty law, declaring “No one has the right to forgive those responsible for human rights violations other than the victims themselves.”

Here’s the kicker: Karzai just promised to carve out a new province for Mohaqiq in exchange for his support in the election.

So, to sum up, Mohaqiq was a commander of a militia known for using rape as a weapon of war and for human rights violations and war crimes. He deliberately targeted civilians. Then, once he obtained “legitimate” political power, he used it to block prosecution of himself and other warlords for war crimes. But hey–‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ when you subscribe to counterinsurgency doctrine, so our policymakers have tasked our troops with fighting to make sure thugs like this stay in power in Afghanistan.

Haji Mohammed Mohaqiq is just one more reason why American policymakers should stop sending our troops to prop up a warlord-ridden narco-state government in Afghanistan. Get our troops out of there.

Learn more at Brave New Foundation’s Rethink Afghanistan site, which just released the latest segment of their documentary online: “Part Six: Security.”

  1. Joy says:

    Would you mind providing the link for “part 1?” thanks!

  2. dcrowe says:

    Sure! All of the segments are available at

    Part one is available here:

    • Mehdi says:

      dcrowe!! u dont know nothing about afghanistan and afghans histori or maybe u are a pashton guy who ignor their own masaker over Hazara people!! u should know alittle bit about afghanistan, can hazara people walk free in pashton area now? when 71000 ISAF solder are in afghanistan we cant walk and we are not free in afghanistan, and pashtonn are free evrywere in afghanistan. in 1999 Taliban kiled 10000 hazara people in Mazar sharif in 48 hours, where wre u? or Hazara is human????? dont be an idiot when u u dont know nothing

      • dcrowe says:


        Thanks for stopping by.

        Of course I don’t ignore the crimes of the other sides in the conflict, but your statement doesn’t make much sense. We can talk about whatever war crimes you want to bring to people’s attention and condemn them all; that, however, doesn’t get any side off the hook for their crimes. Nothing the Taliban did justifies targeting civilians. Nothing. You’re going to have to think of a better defense for Mohaqiq than “Pashtuns killed people too!”

      • nonofurbusiness says:

        i agree with u brother mehdi:)

  3. sporkmaster says:

    Here is a blog link you may be interested. A reporter in Afghanistan.

    This one caught my eye.

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  8. […] Khalili was not only granted amnesty for his past crimes and the crimes of men under his command by the warlord-ridden government in Kabul; as stated above, he’s now the second vice president. In exchange for his support in the 2009 election, Karzai promised to carve out new provinces for him and another warlord, Haji Mohammed Mohaqiq. […]

  9. Afghan from the North. says:

    What a nonsense article! Don’t know why ppl forces themselves to lie.

    Dear whoever read this article,

    As we’re all taught in schools and universities not to trust baseless and junk stuffs from the internet, this is also one of thousands of nonsense things on the Internet. Please do not trust it. I think the United States is doing a great job in Afghanistan. They’re fighting the terrorists, building schools, and helping poor who need a helper the most.

    To clarify about the warlords, not only Mohaqiq but all of them killed innocent people including Karzai. The pushtoons killed hazaras and the hazaras killed pushtoons. You may have heard from the media that the pushtoons under the name of Taliban killed more than 10000 innocent hazaras in Mazar and many more hundreds of Tajiks and Uzbeks. I think the writer have no right to judge one over another. Let us the Afghans fix our own problems. Not jerks who you confuse by their false writings.

    Anyway, there is a lot to say but i’m not really interested in politic stuff.

    I support America!

    • nonofurbusiness says:

      i hate america…..they should get out of my gorgeous country….i hate their snoby people geeting 2 seconds of fame on tv n saying how much they loven miss and all the other shits…Get OUT…….

  10. what a bunch of american bullshits!
    you are just proving one single fact: Americans are ignorant in nature. they will never know anything about outside of their country. in afghan war, they are puppets in hands pashton national triblists like zalmay khalilzad and ashraf ghani.

    what is this nonesense (for example) :”…notorious Hezb-e Wahdat, which in late 2001-early 2002 targeted Pashtun civilians for violence because of their ethnic ties to the Taliban…”

    yes, you americans do not deserve more than this information.

    only one western nations know us afghans very well: english. those evil nation who is fucking both of americans and afghans.

    • dcrowe says:

      american idiot:

      If you want to dispute the material in the post above, please feel free to do so. But this is totally useless diuretic outrage, argumentum ad personam. If you post another comment like this you will be banned from the site.

    • nonofurbusiness says:

      thank u……………i agree with everything;)

  11. what is a mezb says:

    what on earth is a “MEZB” that is not another way to spell HIZB.

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  13. […] Khalili was not only granted amnesty for his past crimes and those committed by men under his command, he was promoted to the position of second vice president. In exchange for his support in the 2009 election, Karzai promised to carve out new provinces for him and another warlord, Haji Mohammed Mohaqiq. […]

  14. afghanstudent says:

    I feel very sorry for you. and i realy feel sorry for whom read your blog. im an afghan student. i know my country mutch better than you. and even mutch better than CIA.You american call hizbullah a terrorist group,even alle of you know they are protecting theier people. and now You stupid call mohaqeq as a warlods. I think you are a Pashtun or pakistani. What you wriht here is not true. mohaqeq was just protecting his people. hazara people. Please read about hazara people in internet. the pashtuns and taliban killed thausands of hazara people. the pashtuns killed millon of hazara people for past 150 years ago. You are realy stupid, when you judge some one without a good knowledge. You , which is reading this blog. please research before you belive what he say. i think he is a terrorist pashtun. alle pashtuns are terrorist. shame on you pashtun. becoz pashtuns are a shame for islam.

  15. KIM says:


    Who are u bloody idot, who does not know anything about the history of afghanistan and comes to the net and makes some nonscence comment about different tribe in afghanistan. Bro u should go and study some history before u come back to make some more useless comment about hazara in Afghanistan.

    Do u think it is only hizbe wahdat that destroyed and are destroying afghanistan? no bro u are dreaming. I know that none of these warlords are doing the right thing including Mohaqiq, but for a second and how many innocent people were killed during the shamefull polician Abdurrahman, how many were forced to leave afghanistan. Mohaqiq was the one who defenced the poor nation of hazara. I know he did some huminity crimes, but if u were mohaqiq could just stand still and watch how the mother fuckers pashtoons kill your brothers and friends, no u could not.

    Thanks any way.

  16. KIM says:

    By the way if you have a wife or girl friend, please make sure u use condom as protection,because the world is not ready for another crazy idiot guy like you.

  17. pashton guy says:

    i don’t know if you are an american or a member of afghan mellat pashton racist party but i know what you writing here is bulshite if you are really an american then you shouldn’t write it anything about mohaqiq because he is the one whoe supporting the us trops to fight against pashton and the arab terroriest if you are not an american then you can write what ever you wan because the racist pashton party are dreaming about they are pashtonistan wich they can tike it with then in the hellllll

  18. pashton guy says:

    pashton party i mean AFGHAN MELLAT

  19. nonofurbusiness says:

    excuse me can u go have ur filthy mouth wasjhed… sooon as I saw u opeiing it the smell almost made me pass out…You don’t even know who Mohaqiq is u arsehole….noone wants ur so called toops in my beautiful country….fuck off n stop spreading ur shit all over the place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Just a voice says:

    Everyone is entitled to his or her point of view, there is no need to get so angry.

    I am an American. Unfortunately that only brings me negative connotation, but I am making extreme efforts not to be stupid and ignorant, so please work with me. I am a college student researching the Hazara, and it is obvious to see the serious signs of discrimination and ethnic cleansing that have been going on for the last 200 or so years. I think it is that prejudice that has so many of the people who commented upset- right now, however, there is the Taliban and there is a war. It is inevitable that both sides of any war can remain clean. Lots of people are dying everywhere. It is very sad, I think.

    And in response to why American troops are in Afghanistan in the first place- we had our own acts of terrorism brought aganist us. I apologize to anyone who feels like we are invading their homes, but we are just trying to protect ours. The Taliban is an international terrorist organization. Why shouldn’t the world want to help to end such atrocities? If we hadn’t acted, what would we have been telling the world? American is very afraid of getting overrun, I think. Every since World War II they have pushed at getting involved everywhere. I don’t exactly agree with this kind of approach, but it is the one we have. And I have seen the appeals made to the UN in response to the attacks against the Hazara in various massacres, and to other acts from the Taliban such as the destruction of Buddha statues. It just so happens that America is one of the only countries in the UN entirely willing to act, despite the fact that our country is in a recession.

    One last thing. it is very true that most of America is ignorant, but for this I blame the media. Our constitution doesn’t allow any direct censorships, but you would be surprised at the control the government has over what kind of information is fed to the public. From that point of view, all they tell us is that they are fighting, “A War on Terror” without many specific details, and many people in the country are upset with the government, thinking they are gambling away soldier’s lives, and increasing the national debt. The internet is a wonderful thing, and has helped spread the truth where so often there are lies. I implore you all to spread news like this to Americans like me! The public needs a better idea of what is going on, and most of the people who commented seem to have direct ties to what is happening in Afghanistan. Even posts like this can give us an idea of what is actually happening. Please help!

  21. I am now not certain where you are getting your info, but good topic. I needs to spend some time finding out much more or working out more. Thanks for wonderful information I was looking for this info for my mission.

  22. Afghan says:

    i think behind of your topic there is some shit plan and you Stimulation from some where it is better you open youre eyes in to the real world so Mohaqiq defend from his poor people which are suffering oppression from other ethnic even this Malalay joya is the racist one then all

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