Abdullah May Boycott the Afghan Runoff Vote

Posted: October 30, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Note: Derrick Crowe is the Afghanistan blog fellow for Brave New FoundationThe Seminal. Learn how the war in Afghanistan undermines U.S. security: watch Rethink Afghanistan (Part Six), & visit http://rethinkafghanistan.com/blog.

Talks between Hamid Karzai and Abdullah broke down today, according to CNN, meaning there will be no power-sharing arrangement to head off a highly problematic runoff vote.

That would be bad enough in itself, since the administration recognized the difficulties posed by getting a legitimate poll done before winter sets in and had hoped a power-sharing deal would provide legitimacy while dodging the dicey balloting.  But, things actually get much worse:

According to the source, Abdullah will likely announce this weekend that he will boycott the runoff presidential election slated for November 7, a runoff that had been scheduled after intense diplomatic arm twisting by the United States. [emphasis mine]

One hopes a CNN reporter simply failed to choose his/her words carefully and meant instead “drop out of” the race, because if Abdullah is going so far as to boycott the race, Afghanistan could become a much more dangerous place than it is already. Recall that earlier this year, Abdullah supporters were promising protests “with Kalashnakovs” if he simply lost in a fair vote, and, as if to prove their point, reports indicated a frightening flow of weapons toward Abdullah’s political base. Now we’re potentially talking about him urging people not to participate and declaring the entire runoff process illegitimate.

This has already been a terrible week for the U.S. as President Obama wraps up his sixth review of Afghanistan policy with a meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff today. Earlier this week, IED attacks pushed the U.S. death toll to its highest monthly level since the U.S. invasion. Yesterday, we learned that Hamid Karzai’s drug-trafficking, electioneering mafioso of a brother was on the CIA payroll.  If the CNN report is accurate, things may be about to get much worse.

  1. euandus says:

    It is interesting that Hilary Clinton and a Kanzai spokesman both portrayed the withdraw in virtually identical terms. …makes one wonder if a deal had been struck. I just posted on this here: http://euandus3.wordpress.com/2009/11/01/duplicity-in-international-affairs-subterranean-deals-made/

  2. Sporkmaster says:

    A thought has been bothering me for a time. It seems that the groups that are pushing for Coalition troops to leave Afghanistan are using the same line of thinking as those that pushed for the invasion of Iraq

    That is they got too focused on one goal that the completely ignore what will happen after it is achieved? I mean do you really think that people will be concerned about with Afghanistan after we pull out our troops. More so when all the funds that where being used for the troops becomes free. I mean you have worked with these people before in politics. With the big issue of heath care, it seems to be the real motive for wanted to be out of Afghanistan.

    I mean considering how much help Afghanistan got after 1988-89 do you really think that it will change this time around. These people of Afghanistan are going to get burned and I feel like I am watching it happen in slow motion.

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