In Bed with the Rapists in Afghanistan

Posted: November 16, 2009 in Uncategorized
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This past week’s news included the story of Specialist Alexis Hutchinson’s 11-month-old boy taken by the Army and given to Child Protective Services so she could be sent to Afghanistan.

On November 3rd, we heard about an Afghan named Guldubbin who killed five British soldiers. Guldubbin was claimed by the Taliban as one of their own, but as Christina Lamb explained in her Times UK piece [h/t Patrick Cockburn]:

Senior sources say local intelligence shows the [Taliban] claim is false, however. In addition, witnesses contacted by The Sunday Times say other factors lay behind the massacre.

According to two Afghans who knew him, Gulbuddin had complained of being brutally beaten, sodomised and sexually abused by a senior Afghan officer. A policeman named Ajmal, a friend of the gunman, said Gulbuddin had been constantly tortured. “He was being used for sexual purposes,” said Ajmal.

When Gulbuddin opened fire with a machine gun, his target was his alleged abuser. According to the Afghan sources, the five British soldiers were killed simply because they were present and considered to be the man’s protectors.

In sexually repressed Pashtun society, it is common for those in dominant positions to take young men as sexual partners — known as bacha bazi — even though the penalty for anyone caught engaging in a homosexual act is brutal.

Patrick Cockburn explains that many “Afghan villagers prefer to deal with the Taliban rather than the government security forces is that the latter have a habit of seizing their sons at checkpoints and sodomizing them.” What’s worse, coalition officials have been covering it up:

Western military officials eager to show success in training the Afghan army and police have reportedly suppressed for years accounts from Canadian troops that the newly trained security forces are raping young boys.

Specialist Hutchison’s child was placed with CPS, then, so she could go help shore up a regime heavily populated with predators that would love to get their hands on her little boy.

Supposedly, we’re in Afghanistan to protect women. What garbage. We’re not even in Afghanistan to protect little boys, much less the hapless women of that country. In fact, we’re there to protect the political power of what women’s rights groups call “The Rule of the Rapists.” And these are equal opportunity rapists, let me tell you: men, women, little girls and boys. With the budget of the government of Afghanistan totaling a pittance, and with 75 percent of that pittance being devoured by graft, these predators will stride around, leering at their next victims wearing clean, pressed new uniforms and shiny new sidearms paid for by the taxpayers of the United States.

In our fight against the Taliban and al-Qaida, our desired ends are justifying the most repulsive of means. We’re in bed with the rapists.

I have a question for the people of faith making policy for the U.S. government: If you died tomorrow, do you imagine that any of your complicated rationalizations for sending guns and young people and money to this horror show will suffice to explain yourself to your God?

  1. Gerrie Blum says:

    We can’t ignore these atrocities any longer. First it was the women; then the girls. Now it’s the boys … all at the hands of the men of Afghanistan.

    How can we continue to fund and support a regime which allows this torture to continue. And, make no mistake about it … it IS torture — of the worst kind. Woman or girl, boy or young man, it maims and scars … physically, mentally and emotionally — often for life.

    I see no justification for condoning this kind of assault on our watch. It creates an atmosphere of fear and dread … i.e. Terror! … that makes any efforts on our part as occupiers impotent. Either we “declare victory and go home,” or we start taking Draconian measures to put an end to this kind of terrorism.

    ( If I had my way, I would impose “an eye for an eye” justice and give those cretins a taste of their own. Or, just use good old frontier justice … shoot first and ask questions later. )

    Because, until the women of Afghanistan are truly free and equal, there is no way that we can accomplish anything long-lasting, let alone permanent in their interest. Perhaps it is time to admit defeat and leave with dignity. In doing so, we should make special provision for any refugee women and children to leave the country safely. Then we can just leave those sick perverted animals to prey on each other!

    • dcrowe says:


      Thanks for stopping in! Hope you’ll stick around.

      I agree with your sentiments re: torture. I believe it is truly time to come home. I’m not for draconian measures or frontier justice. I am, however, with you on the special provisions to get people out. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who wants asylum just for being an Afghan woman should get it.

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