Karzai Cartel: Uh, Sure, We’ll Clean Up Corruption!

Posted: November 20, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Note: Derrick Crowe is the Afghanistan blog fellow for Brave New FoundationThe Seminal.

Fahim, Karzai and Khalili: The Unholy Trinity of Afghan Corruption

Fahim, Karzai and Khalili: The Unholy Trinity of Afghan Corruption

You know what’s funny? Hamid Karzai, Electioneer-in-Chief, stood between these two guys, Mohammed Qasim Fahim and Karim Khalili to declare [h/t and photo credit, Wired’s Danger Room blog]:

Those who spread corruption should be tried and prosecuted. Corruption is a very dangerous enemy of the state. …Afghan ministers should be professional and servants of the people. The government officials should register their earnings.

Just for the record, Hamid Karzai had roughly a million fraudulent votes thrown out in the election. You can learn all about Fahim and Khalili in a Human Rights Watch report titled (and I’m not even kidding) Blood-Stained Hands which details the war crimes for which they and their subordinates were responsible. So by all means, gentlemen, explain to us how you’re going to lead Afghanistan into a new era of peace, prosperity and transparency.

As Matthew Hoh noted in his resignation letter, the corruption at the very top in the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is only the most visible symptom of the rot that’s set in within the Afghan state from top to bottom, which includes:

  • Glaring corruption and unabashed graft;
  • A President whose confidants and chief advisors comprise drug lords and war crimes villians, who mock our own rule of law and counternarcotics efforts;
  • A system of provincial and district leaders constituted of local power brokers, opportunists and strongmen allied to the United States solely for, and limited by, the value of our USAID and CERP contracts and whose own political and economic interests stand nothing to gain from any positive or genuine attempts at reconciliation; and
  • The recent election process dominated by fraud and discredited by low voter turnout, which has created an enormous victory for our enemy who now claims a popular boycott and will call into question worldwide our government’s military, economic and diplomatic support for an invalid and illegitimate Afghan government.

The Afghan government is not worth one more American life or dollar. This cartel is a very large part of the problem, not the solution, in Afghanistan. We should be reducing, not increasing, or military commitment in that country, post haste.

Tomorrow I’ll be interview Matthew Hoh on the situation in Afghanistan. Until then, here’s another clip of his conversation with Daniel Ellsberg about the need for us to start the drawdown.

  1. Dear Derrick,‎

    Peace and greetings from Afghanistan!‎

    Thanks for your note to me ; I hope we can continue our conversation at journeytosmile@gmail.com

    ‎”…a courageous reconciliation strategy.”‎
    The Progressive Caucas may be interested to look at our Afghan youth peace volunteers’ message , ‎‎”Reconciliation of Civil Hearts”. Ambassador Eikenverry had visited the boys at their peace vigil at ‎bamiyan Peace Park and had promised to get a response from the Nobel Peace laureate President Obama.‎

    We are still vigiling and waiting as we say with the world, “Love is how we’ll ask for peace.”‎

    One of our youth, 13 year old Zekerullah, talks plainly about corruption.‎

    Love and peace!‎
    Hakim in Afghanistan

  2. Sporkmaster says:

    He glad that your still among the living, keep a silent period for that long over there and we might start to think otherwise.

    I would not wait for the world to do anything other then their own self interest. You would be better off telling people what immediately reachable needs like food, cloths, and other supplies that can help the population.

    Remember don’t do anything crazy and if you are don’t do it without me.

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