Afghan Youth Call for Peace

Posted: December 22, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Our Journey To Smile just published a new video showing Afghan youth calling for peace. Check it out:

Hakim with Our Journey To Smile is a semi-regular commenter on Return Good for Evil.

This is great work, Hakim. Keep it up.

  1. Sporkmaster says:

    Wish he would send a list of items that they need so we can help instead.

  2. dcrowe says:

    I think what they need right now is publicity. International interest can be a very important factor in the success of a nonviolent movement.

  3. Sporkmaster says:

    Except that most of the world does not care and/or is dealing with thier own issues.

    I am not saying don,t made these videos, but to adresss any needs that can be help now rather then later.

    I mean we have been talking for more then half a year.Think of what could have been sent to them.

    Make sure that they are doing ok first before worrying about publisity

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