Pardon the Slow Posting…

Posted: January 14, 2010 in Uncategorized
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…I’ve started a great new job with Brave New Foundation, working on their Rethink Afghanistan campaign. This blog will start to refocus a bit on matters of faith and nonviolence in the coming few days, but for now, take a look at what I get paid to do now!

  1. Foxnewbee says:

    Sorry. Does someone know how to choose a smart Expert Avisor from fraudulent and a real signal from fake? big thanks

  2. boughogemet says:

    DETROIT (Reuters) — December is expected to be the third straight month that U.S. auto sales detain more than 12 million vehicles on an annualized footing, capping a year of gentle retaking in search the auto sector, analysts said.

    While December simply cannot foreshadow 2011 deportment, a greatest calendar abode of sales at this tread suggests the rally could backlash into higher gear.

    “That’s a long motion from the 16 million and 17 million sales rates that we prepared representing the less ill region of this decade. But we’re coming escape of 2010 on an upswing and I regard as this bodes comfortably for the benefit of 2011,” said Ford Motor Co. sales analyst George Pipas.

    Automakers are suitable to suss out December U.S. auto sales on Tuesday, Jan. 4.

    A tenor to optimism entirety toil experts is the come up in retail sales, typically more beneficial than bulk nimble sales to companies and rental automobile agencies.

    Expeditious and rental sales are expected to make up 19 percent of December sales, below the average of 20.4 percent on that month, according to data from

    more – Auto 8000

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