“Pray for the Troops, Love Your Enemies”

Posted: November 27, 2010 in Uncategorized
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This was the sign on a church we passed today in Plano, Texas: “Pray for the troops. Love your enemies.”

This sign confuses me, as the reader can draw any number of conclusions about what we’re supposed to ask for on behalf of the troops. I assume the attitude behind the sign is the attitude eviscerated so well by Mark Twain’s “The War Prayer.” I hope I am mistaken. Followers of Christ have no business cheer-leading for a war.

Here’s my prayer for the troops, that they:

  • Never fall under the impression that I want them to kill anyone or support a decision to do so;
  • Never pull a trigger or throw a weapon;
  • Return to their homes without physical or mental injury;
  • Live long, healthy, productive lives surrounded by people they love.

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  1. Bob w says:

    I think your prayer is a nice one, and I believe your sentiment is not too different than what the minister in Plano, TX intended. In our chapels and prayer services in the military we often bring up the same things. The whole weapons part doesn’t come up, naturally, since we are Soldiers, but it’s not too different from what you’re praying for above.
    And if you, your organization, and your families are praying for our troops, that’s a good thing, and I’m glad to hear it, thanks.

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