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I just sent this email to my friends and family. We’re working to get a new nonprofit off the ground in Texas to provide nonviolence trainings to people and groups around the state. Please donate if you can:

monarchlogo_webAs some of you may already know, Laurie (my wife) and I, together with a co-worker, have incorporated a new non-profit in the state of Texas called Texas Nonviolence Resource. One of the primary purposes of this new organization is to help raise money and provide trainers for local groups hosting nonviolence trainings. We’re sending you this email to offer you the chance to support our work with a financial contribution so we can get started.

Please donate online:

We’ve got our first nonviolence training scheduled in November in Austin, Texas, at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church. The training will consist of 20 hours of Creating a Culture of Peace education, involving two trained facilitators (myself included) and 20-30 participants. The trainees will not only get in-depth popular education about violence, nonviolence, social action and group decision-making; they’ll also plan concrete projects to improve their local communities.

So, not only will your contribution help train these folks, but you will also be partially responsible for these projects’ positive impact. And, these trainings are the prerequisite for folks who want to become trainers themselves, so there’s the possibility that your donation will have additional impact with dozens of other trainees down the road.

Would you be willing to help fund this training and others like it through your financial contribution? We appreciate any donation amount. When you’re considering how much to give, please keep in mind that each training costs roughly $2,000 to host (which, if you’re familiar at all with any kind of conference or training program for this number of people and training hours, that really is a bargain). Also, please keep in mind that because we’re just starting out, we lack a large fundraising list, so we’re really counting on the support of like-minded friends and family to get started.

Here’s an estimate of what your donations can provide:

* $25 – printed handouts and certificates for the entire training.
* $50 – training fees for one attendee.
* $100 – training and food costs for one attendee for the full four days of the training.
* $500 – travel and housing for a facilitator.
* $1,000 – reduces by half the sign-up fees for 20-30 participants.
* $2,000 – funds an entire 20-hour training for 20-30 people.

Of course, we welcome any donation amount.

Please donate online:

(If you have any trouble with this link, please feel free to email or call me and I’ll walk you through it.)

Thanks for any donation you can make. We know times are tough, and we would not be asking anyone to part with any of their hard-earned, hard-to-come-by money if we didn’t believe in this work with all our hearts.

If you’d prefer to mail us a donation, you can send it to:

Texas Nonviolence Resource
c/o Derrick and Laurie Crowe
9009 Great Hills Trail #2613
Austin, Texas 78759

Please make out any checks to “Texas Nonviolence Resource.”

The sooner we get the donations rounded up, the sooner the second facilitator for the training can buy her travel tickets–which means your prompt donation could help participants save on training fees.

If you want to learn more about the kind of training we’ll provide, feel free to visit

If you want to stay updated on this new project, you can visit (It’s just a logo right now, but stay tuned…I’m working furiously on the site on my lunch breaks.)


Derrick Crowe
202.669.9852 cell

P.S. You may be wondering about the tax status of your donation. We are currently in the process of applying for a tax exemption from the IRS. If we get a favorable determination from them, the tax deductible status applies all the way back to March of this year. So, while you probably shouldn’t deduct your donation yet, once we get our exemption we’ll email all of you and let you know so you can make sure to count it on your federal returns. Please donate if you can!